14th street bombay sex

Many organizations work in Kamatipura, dealing with aspects like rescue of minors, health awareness and treatment with special focus on AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, providing counseling services, de-addiction programs, skill development and training, etc. All she could say to me was: This resulted in several low-lying marshy areas of Mumbai Flats like Byculla , Tardeo , Mahalaxmi and Kamathipura opening up for habitation. They were only taken out to eat or to be given to a customer for sex. Younger women, the new arrivals, are routinely kept captive, sometimes locked in small rooms for weeks or months on end or blackmailed into remaining. Thereafter starting , Kamathis workers of other areas of the country, working as labourers on construction sites began settling here, giving the area its present name. I just hope I have provided a platform that can give these voiceless victims a voice. Eventually it became Asia's largest sex district.

14th street bombay sex

Thereafter starting , Kamathis workers of other areas of the country, working as labourers on construction sites began settling here, giving the area its present name. But how could I forget this precious life, whose heart I could feel beating against my chest as she cried? Few beyond the brothel owners and the traffickers will mourn its passing, however. Guddi was just 11 years old when she was trafficked. Her trafficker was her mother's friend, who had lived next door to her family home all her life. Yet what is one of the oldest and biggest red-light districts in the world may be living out its final days. The 3,odd buildings in the area are largely dilapidated and in urgent need of repairs; safe drinking water and sanitation is scarce as well. She was taken to Kamathipura, where she was dragged into a brothel on 14th Lane and raped by a paedophile customer, while the madam and her daughter held her down by her arms and legs to restrain her. Guddi's life dramatically changed as soon as she arrived in Mumbai. But Kamathipura remains the El Dorado for sex workers from other parts of the country. The most well-known brothel in the area, Pila House, is the hybridisation of its original word: They hang around in the streets, solicit customers, and then rent an available bed. Small and medium scale industrial units now occupy these premises. The scattering of prostitution around the city is making it much harder for organisations to reach vulnerable women and their children. Like a prison guard, an ageing madam came to the front of the brothel and unlocked the large padlock with her set of keys. It also stops victims of trafficking being criminalised by the police and the legal system. At the early stages, people accumulated in the new slums partly depended on constructions contracts. One way out is through their children. The lane is now known as Cursetji Shuklaji Street. I was taken into the reception area of the brothel, the space where the customers are taken to select a girl. Pools of water in the potholes reflect the lights flickering in an office block high above. Former seven islands of Bombay , before the 17th century The ground floors open directly onto the road like native shops. May 09, Police are paid off, or turn a blind eye. I was unable to let go because of girls such as Guddi.

14th street bombay sex

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Famous Prostitution Red Light Area of Kamathipura, Mumbai Part 1

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  1. Local employers refuse to take them on, even for menial jobs. They are pushed into the trade at a young age, at times even before they attain puberty.

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