Dr who fanfiction sex

This Doctor has always felt an act of self control with his own fantasies, adding to that the vast amount of Earth girls he favours have less a violent killing sexual drive like other beings. Don't like, don't read. Before Amy can say a word the Doctor spanks her ass hard again. The Doctor had been trying fervently to keep his mind off of that infurating smell all day but when she looked at him it was as if the scent got stronger. Controlling reactions to not let Rose know. The Doctor was actually embarrassed. Oh, fuck me harder Doctor. Hooking her thumbs inside the waistband, she worked the fabric over the curve of her arse before tossing it completely aside.

Dr who fanfiction sex

Her hand immediately latched onto her mounds, gently squeezing the rather sensitive flesh. Not letting Rose know. She'd known better, but she just didn't want any awkward moments with the Doctor. He opened his mouth again, and showed her that it was all gone. But ordinary girls also had off-days, when they would be too exhausted or angry or hurt or chocolate-deprived to pay much attention to any male advances, much less to males who took hard work and endless coaxing. The Doctor keeps ripping at the tights making the hole bigger as Amy wiggles across his lap loving the rough brutal tearing of her clothes. Even the Doctor is shocked for a second at the dirty language coming from Amy's mouth but soon he breaks into a smile, "Ok Pond have it your way you clearly need a bit more discipline. And that wasn't confusion in his voice; that was bemused condescension, like he thought she was off being an idiot human, a stupid ape, but couldn't fully bring himself to care. Rose laughed a little despite herself, going over to slip her hand into his. She was acutely aware of the blush spreading cross her features, feeling the burn across her cheeks. The Doctor was there in a millisecond, gently propping her up on his shoulder and guiding her across the console room. As her fantasy Doctor got ready to mount her, she grabbed her dildo and rested it against her cunt. Maybe she'd try her hand at it, after she got this taken care of. Crying with joy Amy spreads her legs as wide as she can over his lap allowing him more access to her wet pussy. Rose could feel her panties soaking through. Whilst her pussy was of course the most sensitive area on her body, she found that her nipples and tits were more tender than most peoples. Laying back on her bed, she opened her eyes, her fantasy bleeding away as she was met with the dull sight of her bedroom ceiling instead of the Doctor. Rose's body came alive. It should take complete effect in just a few seconds. Of Course it'd be bothering him. Thoughts of sucking on that chin sent warm pulses to her gooey center. Amy was taken aback, but quickly started to moan into her pussy, her tongue exploring for more delicious areas of her pussy. But after a bit, it seemed as though he was made for her. He leaned away from her and came back to her in the same instant, pulling back physically as he returned mentally. Shouldn't be such a surprise. He must have turned the heating on in here for her earlier.

Dr who fanfiction sex

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  1. She tilted her head, offering more of herself, body arching as he traced down the pale skin, stopping to suckle on a nipple. They swiftly found a fondness for being together despite hidden incestuous truth behind their naughty sessions.

  2. Having sex with someone for hours was a rather draining act, resulting in the pair taking 'girl days'.

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