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There is strong romantic tension between her and Mal, who share many character traits, but each jokingly objects to the other's work as "whoring" or "petty theft", respectively. While he is not above petty theft, smuggling or even killing to maintain his free lifestyle, he is generally honest in his dealings with others, fiercely loyal to his crew and closely follows a personal moral code. His life is defined by caring for his sister. Kaylee is the heart of the ship: She first appeared in the episode "Our Mrs.

Dvd hot japan sex woman

His bumbling attempts at a romantic relationship with Kaylee are a recurring subplot throughout the series, and at every turn he seems to find a way to unwittingly foil his own attempts at romance. And she is the only one who loves all of them incredibly genuinely. These characters fight criminals and schemers, Alliance security forces, the utterly psychotic and brutal Reavers, and the mysterious men with "hands of blue"—who are apparently operatives of a secret agency which is part of the megacorporation referred to in the DVD commentary only as The Blue Sun Corporation. He and Mal met when they were on opposite sides of a dispute; Mal, while held at gunpoint, offered Jayne his own bunk and a higher cut than his current employer, so Jayne switched sides and shot his then-partners. Although presented as a devout Christian, [23] Book has profound, unexplained knowledge about criminal activities, police corruption, and military strategy, tactics, and weapons. In the DVD commentary for the episode "Serenity", it was revealed that this part was originally written with the intention of Whedon himself playing the part. In the episode " Out of Gas ", it is established that she has no formal training, but keeps Serenity running with an intuitive gift for the workings of mechanical equipment. His hidden backstory would have been gradually revealed, had the series continued, but was instead explored in the comic book The Shepherd's Tale. He is also proficient in hand-to-hand combat and the use of firearms. Both refuse to act on their feelings and try to keep their relationship professional. She has a habit of marrying her marks during her scams. Inara displays great dignity, civility and compassion. The crew is driven by the need to secure enough income to keep their ship operational, set against their need to keep a low profile to avoid their adversaries. The experiments also gave her a seemingly innate ability in hand-to-hand combat, and she is capable of killing or incapacitating several opponents with ease. Their situation is greatly complicated by the divergent motivations of the individuals on board Serenity, but complex characterization was hampered by the show's brief run. In the Unification War, he fought as a platoon sergeant in the 57th Overlanders of the Independent Army, the " Browncoats ". Despite his amoral mercenary persona, he sends a significant portion of his income to his mother, again suggesting that there is more to his character than what he presents to the rest of the crew. He is openly antagonistic toward religion as a result of his war experience. His life is defined by caring for his sister. She demonstrates an almost unconditional loyalty to Mal, the only exception noted being her marriage to Wash, which the captain claims was against his orders. Recurring[ edit ] Despite the series' short run, several recurring characters emerged from the inhabitants of the Firefly universe: She gets frequent fits of anxiety and experiences post-traumatic flashbacks of her time in the Alliance facility. At the same time, he seems to get along well with the amoral mercenary Jayne, with the two spotting each other while working out using a bench press. They kill anyone, including Alliance personnel, who had contact with her, using a mysterious hand-held device that causes fatal hemorrhaging in anyone at whom it is aimed. Badger appeared in the original pilot "Serenity" and in " Shindig ", with a return in the comic book series Serenity:

Dvd hot japan sex woman

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