Nazi medical sex experiments on jews

Experiments were conducted in which humans were infected with syphilis Wallace, Walter, Lindwurm et al. The Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and anyone else that did not meet the race requirements were to by cleansed from society through genocide. The blonde hair, blue eye, super men were to be the only race. The freezing experiments were divided into two parts. If the laws for marriage were broken it could mean the death penalty. They were taken into a room with tables and a hot water vat.

Nazi medical sex experiments on jews

All victims appeared to have died from the treatment. The infamous sterilisation experiments conducted by Clauberg were done on specially selected women between the ages of 20 and 40 who had given birth and had not stopped menstruating in the camp Fejkiel, Experimental operations were done only on healthy, well-built young women who were political prisoners. They were usually stripped naked and prepared for the experiment. These figures are incomplete, as we do not have data on all the experiments. With these ethical principles as his guidelines, every physician will know that he has the full moral right to medical experimentation, while biological experimentation on humans is unlawful and may be conducted only on animals. Another group of victims had artificially induced burns caused by chemical weapons, mostly mustard gas, applied to different parts of the body. Auschwitz The basic aim of the biological experiments conducted here was to find the fastest, cheapest and most efficient method of sterilisation, in order to wipe out whole nations. He asked the directing doctor to take them out of the tank. The examination started at the head. The head examination took almost days. The death doctors, London: He did not allow this and increased the temperature slightly to prolong their pain. However it was not as successful as the Warm Bath. There were also determinations of the quarantine time needed following typhus. Several sterilisations were performed, but we have no further data on them. Hitler and the German High command made a list rules for the fellow Nazis to follow. Rascher that he try to use women to warm the frozen men. The water in the vat was very hot. The children also had check-up tests done in which they suffered painful punctures of the liver. They were very strong men and had said a comment to the SS doctor performing the experiment. Measurements of heads, eyes, nose, blood were required. They were later investigated by the Gestapo and executed for the crime. In the Geneva Conventions, the conventions on criminal liability for genocide, and the resolutions adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations recognised the submission of prisoners-of-war and the inhabitants of countries under occupation to biological experiments of any kind whatsoever an international crime. In many ways the majority who where killed in the gas chambers were much better off than the survivors that had no idea what horrors awaited them. Many other completely unwarranted operations were carried out on human guinea pigs apart from these biological experiments, for instance resections of the stomach or removal of the thyroid gland.

Nazi medical sex experiments on jews

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  1. In many ways the majority who where killed in the gas chambers were much better off than the survivors that had no idea what horrors awaited them.

  2. Several children were infected with viral hepatitis. They were taken into a room with tables and a hot water vat.

  3. Some victims had limbs amputated, and blood vessels from them were transplanted into other victims. Another notorious type of experiment involved the application of narcotics, the purpose of which was probably to make subjects disclose information.

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