Sex ilustration

They're all losers compared to some of the actual badasses from history you know nothing about. It's true that Rodger used the same handle on OKCupid , and a perusal of ElliotR1's contribution history reveals that the first edit made by the owner of the account was the removal of an image from the article on the British journalist George Rodger, Elliot Rodger's grandfather. We'd rather pixelate this whole monstrosity, honestly. If this was traced from a real image, by someone who then deleted the photo, that means this picture is so bad it actively destroyed information about blowjobs. Continue Reading Below Advertisement This isn't a contribution to the repository of human knowledge. Those with a taste for the kinky are encouraged to check out gonzo pornography , and those with a taste for the stinky might enjoy anilingus. Any chance you could make one?

Sex ilustration

Several times, he pronounced his retirement from the Wikipedia game, then came back shortly after and churned out more images. The text description—"a sex act portrayed in pornographic films, in which several men ejaculate on a woman, or another man"—is more than enough to get the point across, and xHamster is right there if you're truly that much more of a visual learner. Almost as if old bit consoles really were trying to corrupt children the way parents thought. But Seedfeeder insists he isn't interested in getting people off. Her happy place is on the opposite side of the universe. After threats and then the reality of a block to his account for trying to do the same sort of removal five times at footjob, ElliotR1 disappeared from the scene, but an IP filed an edit request on March 2 for the same action. The editor on the talk page incorrectly suggests George is Elliot's father. Try a new perspective? Many Wikipedians may find the images I produce to be offensive, for which I apologize in advance. We know he's a heterosexual male, and that he's more interested in drawing women than he is in men. Any chance you could make one? He had a vision of a woman who suffered a serious head injury just behind her hairline working her way down a viciously taloned Bride of Frankenstein in fishnet stockings, and the world needed it to exist ASAP. Also follow us on Facebook. Within days it was added [1] to the Wikipedia page for "Facial sex act. That is a simple truth. He also tumbles , and responds to every single tweet. That original, sad facial image, for instance, was at one point terribly edited to make the giver a white guy , and now sits near the bottom—in a section labeled "criticisms"—of the article it once topped. The fact that the subject is maintaining eye contact and is not being physically restrained in any manner, should indicate some degree of willingness. By his own admission, he's not a professional artist, but an "avid amateur. Where it breaks down is when censorship and POV rear their ugly heads. Because when that happens, you get this: Seedfeeder, like many Wikipedians, seems to have an almost religious devotion to what diehards tend to call "the project," coupled with a disillusionment about what he sees as a puritanical regard for sex and other controversial topics from his fellow editors. Like it or not, "distasteful" topics such as: In , a person commenting from an anonymous IP address wrote that Seedfeeder's facial illustration "contains what can be perceived as rape" and that it "could be perceived as racial stereotyping by the image of a dark skinned male ejaculating on a light skinned female. Seedfeeder's conflicted ideas about Wikipedia—this place would be beautiful, if only there weren't so many prudes, hacks, and cretins—are best summed up in a mission statement he published to his user page in sic throughout: Or, if you're specifically into audio encouragement, you don't want a picture at all. It is only a matter of time before she has to copulate with a man who means nothing to her.

Sex ilustration

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  1. It turns out that Elliot Rodger, who recently went on a stabbing and shooting spree in Isla Vista lately that left six dead, started a successful drive with his account User: She could have been drawn in a magical fantasy land where the rain of man-juice is an enjoyable experience.

  2. Because Seedfeeder's illustrations aren't presented as art qua art, she declined to evaluate them as such, but did offer some insights and compliments about the images' composition. The inherent happiness almost distracts you from the conversation:

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